What Happened To Victor?

What happened to Victor after he escaped in Rozafa’s Secrets?

Victor managed to escape the communists in Albania, the repressive government of the German Democratic Republic and the Russian KGB stationed in the GDR so even though he is 40 years older he never lost his ability to adapt, endure and escape.

Victor is coming

Spring of 2019

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Released! All Debts Come Due

 It’s out and available  at

Vince Nakovics Books 


Derrick Garraghan, should have seen it developing, the nephew’s jealousies. Before he realized it he was being buried alive in a shipping container. Brought to the brink of despair, he found his prayers answered, but at what cost? Derrick knows, this debt is no different, all debts come due.

The old stories haunt Vladimir his whole life. The stories and his looks made his life miserable, but he changed all that. It is he who makes people’s lives miserable now. It was difficult, but he tracked down all the scientists’ descendants. He sets about to make their worst fears materialize, worse than the ones inflicted on his ancestors. He has a special surprise in store for them.

Katherine Culver’s instincts led her to Weaverville in pursuit of a serial killer. She discovers Derrick hiding out here, is drawn to him and quickly develops a bond with him. She has doubts; she worries Derrick may be the killer and leading her on. It isn’t until she casts those doubts aside does she come to understand Vladimir will outsmart the police and Derrick’s talents are needed to put an end to the killings.

All Debts Come Due is submitted!!!


Short of a major catastrophe it will be hitting the streets in the next few days both print and Kindle. Due to some technical difficulties in getting my internet hooked up my own page will be the last to be updated with this books links. Sorry, but I am working out of my favorite pub right now and in Casperia, Italy, Al Solito Posto. They were kind enough to loan me a table on a busy day to submit my over due manuscript. Salvatore and his wife are great people. It doesn’t look busy when I took this picture, but it was when I came in a couple of hours ago and it will be again about 10PM when the crowd returns. Happening little town Casperia.

Al Solito Posto

  My books will be available on Amazon.com and here in three days!!!

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The Perception of Culture

The Perception of Culture

    Ever wonder what it really means when they say a city has so much culture? I have and have thought about it a lot. Textbook definition culture of Dictionary.com:

  1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
  1. that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.
  1. a particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period: Greek culture.

   Ah, so that’s what it means, but is that what people really mean when they say, such and such city has so much culture? I think more than anything they simply mean there are more people and there are opportunities to do more things. Isn’t it the same?

   I grew up in New York City. If you were to ask a Manhattanite they would tell you I lived on Mars because I grew up in Queens, on the North side at that, so I might as well be living on Long Island. Most Manhattanites think much of themselves and I guess in a way they should for putting up with all the hassles of living in Manhattan, but what do I know of such a worldly place. Okay, don’t get your danders (sic) up, you know it’s true.

   I use Manhattan as an example because I often hear the culture remark in my travels always by a native living in one city referring to another. Usually it comes right after the infamous line “There’s nothing to do here.” Maybe you have heard that one. I can remember saying it often when I was growing up and I had the best of many worlds right at my fingertips: Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Africa and South America, it was all there. I only had to hop on a bus or train and it would take me to a place that I could see those worlds, eat their foods and experience some of what those places are like. But I didn’t do that, I hung around the school yard playing Chinese handball, blackball, stickball, basketball, chasing squirrels and rats in the woods of Kissena Park or skipping stones in Kissena Lake. It was terrible, there was nothing to do!

   Growing a bit older I ventured out and hung around with my friends in the local taverns chasing women, imbibing too much too often and there were only about 300 such establishments within a 30 minute walk from my house, call it 40 on a slow day. Still the cry would come, “There is nothing to do!”

   Having travelled the world for over 40 years now I have heard that said in many languages, it is what propels, I believe, people to a wanderlust or at the very least to move to a new city in the hopes of finding something to do. Most people refer to it as a city having more culture.  When I was young I always thought “Culture” meant a different lifestyle and a different way of doing things. Today I find it pretty much means the same thing all over: a city with restaurants, movie theaters and other amenities that allow us to get out of our houses, embellish our lives or in some cases distract us from our lives. I believe it is the grass is greener syndrome stated in another way.

   So how is your city or town’s culture? Are you helping to increase that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc., or is there just nothing to do in your town?

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   Christmas is here, wow! Where did the month of December go? Last month I put everything aside to participate in NaNoWriMo, returned my attention to Derrick’s Deaths and was cruising along thinking I have plenty of time. I need to buckle down. If I don’t I will get behind and it will leave me huffing and puffing to catch up.

   I am confident I will have all my Beta reader’s recommendations done by the end of this month ready for the beginning round of editing in January keeping me right on schedule for a Spring release.

pedonale rain

   Last night a torrential down pour. I have seen less rain during a Cat. II hurricane.  Then with the morning light came the thunder. Luckily our roof repairs from last year are holding up. Water intrusion into the tower is reduced by about 70%. We are down to two buckets!

Chicago Bar View 2

   No snow predicted for Shkoder this year, but the mountain tops have been dusted already. When the clouds dissipate we will get to see if more has been added or was it all washed away.  It is always nice to have the mountains capped with white while I am enjoying a fast run on the lake with my kayak.

Hoping your Holidays are filled with joy!

Christmas tree at the pedinole cropped

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Five Books Poster
They all want coal, but they might enjoy one of these in their stockings too.

Winner at NaNoWriMo

Hi Everyone!   

I secured my 1st National Novel Writing Month win! And the crowd roars – I turned in over 52,000 words. It was an interesting exercise and I would recommend it for anyone who is writing.


So what did I win! I got this nifty certificate and the opportunity to take advantage of several discounts not available anywhere else at this time.  

I used the Scrivener compile function for the first time and there are things I like and don’t like, but I will see if it is just my ignorance of the system before I make up my mind. It was a lot easier creating a word doc then copy and pasting everything.

I have 52,246 on Scrivener and NaNoMoWriMo has 52,204. I have no idea why there is a difference, but in this instance it doesn’t matter.

Did I learn anything? My process works for me. I didn’t really get “Writer’s Block”. I took breaks, created mental distractions, walks, etc. and I didn’t write every day.  Some days I wrote less than my goal and others I wrote significantly more and I am okay with that. There were days that I could have made myself write more, but I could see where meeting the end goal was going to happen so I wasn’t worried.  

My official certificate allows another bragging right; “Veni, vidi, vici”, I came, I saw, I conquered.

 Fanni, Jennifer and Josh will have to patiently wait their turn. Derrick Garraghan and Katherine Culver have waited theirs and are bursting to get to their second round. It is a little strange not finishing the project, but this part of the learning curve that I expected and will let you know how this portion goes later on. So as of right now I have three works in progress with Derrick’s Deaths leading the parade.


Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

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12 hours and NaNoWriMo Begins

Hi Everyone and especially those partaking in National Novel Writing Month,

I took the challenge because of a post someone posted in Writer’s Helping Writer’s group. They made it sound appealing and something that one should do, at least once, just to say one did it if nothing else. It sounded like an exciting challenge and I believe it will be.  I put working on my second draft of my current work in progress Derrick’s Deaths (working title still, my title advisor tells me it isn’t right) on hold, which is kind of strange for me. Challenge number one, I like to get it all done in a set order, but this may add a new dimension, or layer, or something to my writing as I take a protracted leave from it, returning with new ideas perhaps! So the NaNo challenge may provide more than just the ability to write a first draft in 30 days, we will see.

The hardest and for me annoying part of NaNoWriMo is the waiting to start. I am as prepared as I ever am,  before I begin so I am ready to go, waiting for tomorrow, November 1st  (fingers playing the desk piano).

NaNo - Deep Kayak
The master outline, my dictionary and thesaurus (tablet) and other memory notes at the ready.

I  dabbled at writing various other things including a book which is a continuation of Rozafa’s Secrets during the past two weeks. I didn’t plan on writing a sequel, but my Beta reader and test reader thought I should to explain what happens to the villain and they wanted to know what happened to him. I didn’t want to get too much into that as I get into a story and want to finish it then. I worked on a few location descriptions, and possible twists, things that I usually modify along the way. Then expand them in the second writing.

This waiting at the starting line is tough and we will see what happens.  I feel as if I know the characters better, but I worry maybe there is an edge I lost in waiting to start it. Additionally I am changing my villain’s and hero’s sex, a first for me. Is this really the time to change my perspective, but then when is it ever.

There is now about 12 hours before NaNoWriMo begins. I do not anticipate being at my desk at Midnight, at least I hope not. I imagine I will wake up at 05-0530 as usual, walk my dogs, drink a cup of coffee and hit my keyboard immediately after. I am hoping the  wine tasting event at the Italian Embassy hasn’t dulled my senses, it will be another test of resolve. Well if necessary I can forgo the coffee and open a nice bottle of Chianti with fruit for breakfast. Only kidding.

Good luck my fellow NaNoWriMo’s. May our pens float across the pages, cross our tees and dot our eyes (sic).

See ya at the Forge!