Gresly Portage Released

Langren Bay, the smallest county in New York, has two faces. Lan’s Point, summer playground of Upper Middle class and the local residents of Gresly Portage. Founded 250 years ago, Gresly survived a massive blizzard in 1770. The survivors and their descendants were never the same. Chance Osterwock ran away 2 years after his mother died at the age of 12, and never looked back, until fate returned him 43 years later. It is everything he didn’t want to remember and more. His return is seen by his Aunt Grace and Uncle Theo as an opportunity to bring him back into the fold. They don’t realize the man he has become could never be a party to their old traditions, but by then it is too late.

Gresly Portage will be available at all major Ebook venues within a few days. If you prefer a printed version it is coming soon.

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Vince Nakovics


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