Merry Christmas



    Wishing everyone a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year with Health and Prosperity throughout the year.

Having a distrust of all things cloudy based I decided to take a leap of faith and try Dropbox to keep my books in progress sync’d between my computers. I have decided to use a small laptop instead of a tablet for my mobile work. So far the tests have been good and I have no reason to suspect that future use will prove to be any less successful.

For me this comes at the right moment as I begin my second pass of my new book, Rozafa’s Secrets due out Spring 2017. Now I am able to  work away from my desk when I want or need to without all the copy and pasting from word to Scrivener. Ah, much joy is had.

Rozafa’s Secrets – John Reid is invited to be a guest demonstrator and speaker at the First Annual Rozafa Castle Ancient Skills Fair in Shkoder, Albania and is engaged by the police to assist them to uncover a criminal enterprise.  Albania is a country where nothing is as it seems, everyone has secrets, even your friends.

Thank you for stopping by, until next time;





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