Rozafa’s Secrets is a Beta

When I write, rewrite, make a change here and there my writing all makes sense and flows like water down a river. I don’t know who invented the Beta Reader but it must have been an evil Editor to inflict some form of torture back when a quill and ink were in use. Because sending it made my finger twitch. I paused over the send button closing my eyes, I hit send and  whisked away it was. I wanted to call it back, but like the Postal Service once it hits the mail box it is too late! My book was now in the hands of someone I actually gave permission to look for ways to destroy it. Strange work this writing.

The first week is the worst. I have to shift my thinking to other things. I must wait for it to return to me, before gazing upon the pages filled with words I once penned. I let that sink in; return to me. What flaws will be unmasked? What remarks will I face?  Will my Beta reader be constructive or just a Beater?

By mistake or maybe subconscious, I cheated yesterday and somehow I opened the first chapter. There it was staring me in the face a reprehensible sight. A series of words that I know some demon must have put there at the stroke of midnight. I resisted the urge to amend the blight. I took solace reminding myself to wait for the  review. No sense in redoing the redoes, I might find out that they need not redoing at all. And then where would I be!

All I can do is wait for Rozafa’s Secrets to return to me. I know it has only been a week and I don’t mean to rush my Reader, but I wish they would be quick about it!

Rozafa’s Secrets:

American Blacksmith John Reid is excited about participating in the first Annual Rozafa Castle Craftsmen Festival in Shkoder, Albania.  While in route an Inspector Buchari of Interpol Albania requests his assistance in combating his country’s international criminals. 

John’s strong sense of justice will not allow him to turn his back. He agrees and confirms criminal involvement with the event. Unknown to John, Rozafa Castle has secrets of its own. Secrets capable of toppling corrupt members of the Albanian Parliament from their pedestals of power. When he is discovered by his host Victor Glasser and unable to escape he fears becoming yet another skeleton lost in the bowels of the ancient castle. His only hope lies with his Albanian friend and Victor’s kept woman.



4 thoughts on “Rozafa’s Secrets is a Beta

  1. Kind of like dropping you child off at day care for the first time. So many emotions. Am I a bad parent, will they have a melt down, how will they cope, etc. You just have taith and realize at some point they have to be set free to grow, evolve and evolve. Sounds like a good start. Scott


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