A Glimpse of Victor

Rozafa’s Secrets – main Antagonist Victor Glasser aka Victor Meta.

“Excellent Gordon, I am counting on it being there, we have a big show planned.” Massaging his chin with arms folded, appearing deep in thought.  “It disappointed me only John Reid could attend. You’re sure the others can’t be enticed to attend?

   “We are lucky to have one of the makers for the presentations, sir. I made very good offers, but they all have something planned with their families. It is July when people are taking their planned vacations.”

   “I wanted them all there, but need only one to present Michael’s Spear. We have enough blacksmiths demonstrating regardless.  And Gordon,” softening his voice as if offended, “please don’t call me sir here in the office. We have known and worked with each other for over 25 years. I am still Victor. I know I seem distracted or even testy at times, I assure you it has nothing to do with you.”  Smiling and grasping Gordon’s hands, holding them for a moment, pretending to be affectionate.

   He grows weary of the duplicity at times. Poor Gordon has no idea why I have become indifferent towards him, tsk, tsk; it matters not as long as he performs his job. I almost wish it could be different, but the time is nearing when such affections will be a hindrance. As long as Gordon continues to think I am going through a long phase in my life he is useful to me and my plans. Smirking involuntarily, thinking; I am going through a phase and soon so will Gordon and everyone else. I will be all that matters to all of them.


Rozafa’s Secrets – releasing soon:

American Blacksmith John Reid is excited about participating in the first Annual Rozafa Castle Craftsmen Festival in Shkoder, Albania.  While in route an Inspector Buchari of Interpol Albania requests his assistance in combating his country’s international criminals.  John’s strong sense of justice will not allow him to turn his back. He agrees and confirms criminal involvement with the event. Unknown to John, Rozafa Castle has secrets of its own. Secrets capable of toppling corrupt members of the Albanian Parliament from their pedestals of power. When he is discovered by his host Victor Glasser and unable to escape he fears becoming yet another skeleton lost in the bowels of the ancient castle. His only hope lies with his Albanian friend Tony and Victor’s kept woman Donika.


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