Rozafa’s Secrets

Rozafa’s Secrets now available at:


Hot off the virtual presses, completed editing it and the paperback is now published. Always a great feeling when the project is over and finalized. It will be available at and Amazon – Europe in 3-5 business days.

Front Cover - Rozafa

    American Blacksmith John Reid is excited about participating in the first Annual Rozafa Castle Craftsmen Festival in Shkoder, Albania.  While in route an Inspector Buchari of Interpol Albania requests his assistance in combating his country’s international criminals.  John’s strong sense of justice will not allow him to turn his back. He agrees and confirms criminal involvement with the event.

   Unknown to John, Rozafa Castle has secrets of its own. Secrets capable of toppling corrupt members of the Albanian Parliament from their pedestals of power. When he is discovered by his host Victor Glasser and unable to escape he fears becoming yet another skeleton lost in the bowels of the ancient castle. His only hope lies with his Albanian friend Tony and Victor’s kept woman Donika.

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