1st Draft Finished –

I finished the draft completely on finished and will rest for at least two weeks now.  This worked out perfectly as I am making a garden gate for the yard and it will take just about two weeks. With the temperatures hovering in the high 90’s, reaching 100 and above some days I am only working on the gate for a few hours a day.  My wife isn’t demanding it be erected instantly so I will take my time and work around the heat.

Victor (working title) is off and running, he was the antagonist in Rozafa’s Castle and he has spent the last three years rebuilding a life, plotting a new path to his quest and setting out a trap for all four of the makers of Michael’s Spear.  Wanted by the Germans and Albanians he has hidden out right under their noses all this time.  He doesn’t know others are looking for him, he has a debt to pay and it can only be paid for in blood.

Hope your summer is full of adventure with some time relaxing under the sun,  in the shade of an old tree, or wherever you prefer to forget the world and take an adventure with a book.

Five Books Poster

See you at the Forge!



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