Editing Is Never Done!

Hi Everyone!

    I sent Derrick’s Deaths to my beta reader to ensure my storyline doesn’t have any holes or major flaws. It seems like just last month I was doing the same thing to Rozafa’s Secrets. I have the same apprehensions now that I did then. Time flies while you’re having a good time.

    We had our first snow in the mountains last night. The temperature here in Shkoder has dropped off to the point that long pants need to be worn every night now. My Hawaiian shirts are stored for the winter. If it gets cold like they predict my kayaking days are numbered until the spring. I am sure I will find a day or two a month to get on the water. I need some time to repaint the Brazilian’s bottom as it is all scratched up from running up on the rocky shores, especially this year as the water levels dropped so low in the lake.

    I hope to have Derrick’s Deaths back by the end of this month. Naturally I expect there to be snarky remarks and witty criticisms, that is what I asked for, what a masochist. Of course this happens just in time for me to start the National Novel Writing Month challenge. That’s where you write first draft consisting of 50K plus words. Last year I didn’t feel comfortable breaking my concentration of working on Rozafa’s Secrets, but this year because of Scrivener and it keeping all my plots and research organized I felt I could take the plunge and give it a try.

    I have a rough outline, putting some character basics together to start with and will do the rest while I am writing it. They call this a Planster – part Planer (obvious) and part Panster (flying by the seat of your pants). It is going to be a bit of a change for me so it will be interesting to see how it comes out. One of my main characters is a woman so capturing her personality correctly will be tough. Lucky for me it is only a first draft so I will have plenty of time in the 2nd draft to adjust her voice.

Thanks for stopping by!

See ya at the Forge!


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