Tony and Donika have a secret.

I was ready to get up this morning and finish my last chapter re-write. This phase would be over and Victor would be one more step closer to his goal.

But… instead I am looking at a dark sky, much darker than I usually wake up to. It is 0445, and I have chattering going on in my head. Stop, Stop I say!

I try to go back to sleep, but Tony and Donika keep prodding me. They insist they have a secret pertinent to the Victor and they want to share it with me and they don’t share with just anyone.

At their insistence I get up, slog over to my computer and bang out the meat of their secrets in the hopes they will leave me alone and let me get to go back to sleep.

As I prepare to close my computer Inspector Buchari taps me on the shoulder telling me not so fast; he has a thing or two to add now as well. Good grief. I make some more notes he feels are important and it seems he is sated too. These were just changes for the planned re-write, he refused to wait until later. Rather inconsiderate of him.

Ah, I put my computer to sleep and head back to bed in the hopes of doing the same. It doesn’t appear to be in the cards today. My dog Toby is tap dancing since he had to get up and see what I was doing all this time he now needs to go out.

I finished my second pass and am now confronted with Tony and Donika’s added scenes.

I guess I have a few more days before I enter my next phase.

I finished the original work, but am now faced with the Tony and Donika woke me up for and the points Inspector Buchari made may turn into something more. They make sense and are plausible.

I guess I have a few more days before I am done.

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