Christmas is here, wow! Where did the month of December go? Last month I put everything aside to participate in NaNoWriMo, returned my attention to Derrick’s Deaths and was cruising along thinking I have plenty of time. I need to buckle down. If I don’t I will get behind and it will leave me huffing and puffing to catch up.

   I am confident I will have all my Beta reader’s recommendations done by the end of this month ready for the beginning round of editing in January keeping me right on schedule for a Spring release.

pedonale rain

   Last night a torrential down pour. I have seen less rain during a Cat. II hurricane.  Then with the morning light came the thunder. Luckily our roof repairs from last year are holding up. Water intrusion into the tower is reduced by about 70%. We are down to two buckets!

Chicago Bar View 2

   No snow predicted for Shkoder this year, but the mountain tops have been dusted already. When the clouds dissipate we will get to see if more has been added or was it all washed away.  It is always nice to have the mountains capped with white while I am enjoying a fast run on the lake with my kayak.

Hoping your Holidays are filled with joy!

Christmas tree at the pedinole cropped

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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They all want coal, but they might enjoy one of these in their stockings too.

1st Draft – nearly finished

My protagonist Derrick has a revelation after a major falling out with his boss. He spends seven years healing himself spiritually only to find himself drawn back into the seedier side of life, this time he is making amends for his own past deeds. What is the cost of his redemption? Will he survive it, does he want to?

   Derrick is as convoluted as he is desperate. His outward face is upbeat and calm, but internally he is distraught and full of doubt.  Right now, Derrick’s survival is still up in the air. The bottle is spinning where it will land nobody knows.

   My first draft will be done by the end of the month and then it will take a rest for two weeks to let its juices ferment.

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Five Books Poster

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