A stalker plays coyly with the police, confident they are smarter than they are. Their attempts to implicate Dimitri Taylor in murder fail not once, but three times. They aren’t thwarted and leave a false trail of evidence and quips to lead the police astray. Dimitri isn’t waiting for the police to save him. He hunts his stalker engaging in a dangerous cat and mouse game.


Rodon’s Eye Released

Jennifer and her daughter Fanni moved to Dubrovnik after her husband died in a car accident and her career in kayak racing was brought to a halt. The past five years proved it had been a good decision. Then things began to unravel.

Three murders committed in two countries bring the Dubrovnik Regional Police, the Albanian Major Crimes Unit, and Interpol Albania together to solve the previously thought accidental deaths. None of them suspected they were setting in motion a terrorist plan of such magnitude the City of Dubrovnik, Croatia could have expected nor prepared for. It becomes a race to save hundreds, perhaps thousands, as well as the falsely accused.

Available in many ‘E’ formats at D2D with more coming.

Print edition will be finalized soon.


Tis the Season

Merry Christmas to all,

Time grow short and ideas take flight , perfect gifts and memorable visits are at hand.  There is always that one who seems to have everything,  want little and makes finding a gift so hard to do. There is a solution at hand!

Blacksmith’s Stories and Stories about Blacksmiths

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       Wishing you all the very best this time of year and the hope for peace everywhere.

Merry Christmas!!! 

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