Writer’s Block

So what do you write about when your brain is completely distracted from the project at hand? Why does that happen? The infamous writer’s block, is it really a block?

I am writing, just not about what I wanted to. What does that mean in the scheme of things? Does it mean that I am being lazy about working through the chapters? Hmmm, probably. I mean I have a premise and a plot, some characters, etc. I can write about them, as some famous person was fond of saying; not everything you write will be good, or words to that effect.  So there you have it; I am being intellectually lazy today. I have no defense for my actions, not at all. I was going to blame my desire to go finish my completely utilitarian project in the shop as my excuse, but the truth is I can do that anytime, it is only a pair of pushup bars. My other excuse was going to I was checking up on my friend in Germany, there was another shooting there. But that took all of five minutes. Then I saw I had an attempt by some hacker to get into my FB account. I sometimes think they send you those alerts just to make it seem like they are actually doing something to protect the accounts. I digress, see! I did that and of course once logged in I had to look at my Niece’s post, etc. Okay that did me in. My brain is officially fogged now.

So I decided to get back in the groove by writing this. Of course this is just an attempt at inducing my brain to throw the right synapses to allow me to motivate myself in the correct direction for writing my book. Maybe I should try and make that as long a sentence as I can. There’s an interesting exercise, write a complete story with one compound sentence, hmmm. I will have to save that idea for later.

So, to answer the question; what to do about writer’s block? This is one of my solutions, I write something else, sometimes about nothing, sometimes about something and sometimes about those times when I had nothing to write about. But as they say it is writing!


I am smiling, pleased with myself, I have written something to get the juices flowing. Now it is back to the prime task. Thanks for stopping by.

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