Summer Calls

The summer calls me to the water. Kayaking is both an exercise and is, I am told, my way of meditating. It is nice to go and get away. Once out on the water you don’t hear the noise of Shkoder and can let the barrage of information from the computer slip away. I very rarely answer my phone when out on the water. That is the point of going out on the water after all. After about an hour I usually play with some of the scenes I have written.
On this last trip I remembered a Sherlock Holmes attributes to help develop the conversation between John (the Protagonist) and Victor (the Antagonist) in my new novel,  Murders II, the working title.

2016-08-10 19.37.46

The sun really does stream through the clouds. The warm breezes feel good between your toes. The sound of the surf relaxes and renews. There is lots to ponder and wonder about out there, take a moment. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Adventure awaits,


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